MSL was founded in January 2013 by Lauren Romeo and Jennifer Mullan.  They realized that there were hidden needs within their community and decided to take action.  Working together, they gathered like-minded volunteers within Northville and surrounding areas to pool their resources, time, expertise, and creativity to support people in need. Main Street League was born.  



Chair: Lauren Romeo

Treasurer: Pam McLoughlin

Secretary:  Elizabeth Stevens

Membership Coordinator: Stephanie Smith

Marketing: Terri O'Brien

Outreach:  Rachel Chandler

What does MSL do?

Main Street League is a group of women coming together to make a difference in their community.  For many of our planned social events, funds will be given directly to the cause represented at the event.  Funds such as membership pledges and other donations to MSL will be used for emergency relief, Juniors projects, and scholarships. Emergency relief includes, but is not limited to, helping someone in need with household bills, essential items, car repairs, food, etc.  A separate scholarship committee will be appointed to review applications, and determine eligibility for educational and/or camp scholarships. 

Time Commitment

MSL aims to make philanthropy fun and flexible!  We understand everyone leads busy lives, so participation is based on what your capacity is to help.  We encourage committe participation and feedback from all of our members.  Chair a committee, or simply attend social events. There is something for everyone!

Get Involved!

Please email for more information.

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